Ivette Beauty

Hello everyone! Welcome to Ivette Beauty! My name is Mylene Ivette and, as the creator and CEO of Ivette Beauty, I am beyond excited that you are here, and eternally grateful for the support that my brand has received thus far! I began this brand with the intention of creating an affordable platform in which makeup artists of all backgrounds, regardless of things such as years of experience, gender, and number of social media followers, would be able to have their creativity seen and their voices heard. I look forward to publishing your work on Instagram, holding plenty of amazing giveaways, and engaging with you through messages and comments in order to ensure that each and every one of you is acknowledged! My main goal with this company is to put the spotlight on you, and to let your creativity be seen and your voice heard! After all, Ivette Beauty is more than just a makeup brand, it is 'A Tribute To Your Beauty.' 


Mylene Ivette

Ivette Beauty CEO